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Darren K. Proulx
Darren K. Proulx (rhymes with "true") is the President of Newmark Investment and Loan, Inc. Proulx's experience in the "hard money" lending business started when he was only 23 years old. Proulx borrowed funds from an equity lender and after securing the private money loan, he built his first home. Proulx is a Licensed California and Nevada General Contractor. He is the author of "Pay Dirt"; How the Individual Investor Can Bank Land for Great Profit and Avoid Shams, Scams and Worthless Real Estate - available at

Proulx has personally invested in almost 800 Notes & Deeds of Trust. These investments have helped shape him into an experience Real Estate Investment Professional.

Darren Proulx resides in Sparks, Nevada with his lovely wife Janet and their six children. He is deeply involved in his community, having served as a Cub Scout Leader, Boy Scout Leader and Reserve Deputy Sheriff, His is also an active volunteer in his church's many charitable activities.
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Pam Sosa
Standard Mortgage Financial Services Inc.
5892 Magnolia Ave.
Riverside, CA 92506
Pam Sosa is the owner of Standard Mortgage Financial Services, Inc., a full service Mortgage Broker in Riverside, CA, that primarily arranges loans for nonconforming properties in rural areas of the Inland Empire. She has been a licensed real estate salesperson since 1972 and a broker since 1990.

Ms. Sosa has been in the real estate and mortgage business all of her adult life. Prior to acquiring her current company, Ms. Sosa has worked in the equity lending business with Union Home Loans, Standard Mortgage Company, and Crawford Investment Company.

Pam is the current President of the California Mortgage Association. Having served on the Association's Board for many years, Pam now heads the organization as an industry leader.
Lending can lift investors' returns
By Leslie Berkman - Staff Writer
August 30, 2011

Three months after he retired from his Wisconsin packaging business and moved to California, Don Passehl watched the bottom fall out of the stock market, seriously depleting his retirement savings. It was enough to prompt Passehl and his wife to look for a better, safer place to invest their money. Read the entire article here.

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