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We specialize in private money (aka “hard money”). By working directly with private money lenders and investors, we are able to finance many “out of the box” transactions.

Private hard money loans offer a greater flexibility than institutional financing. Private money lenders are mostly concerned about the underlying value of real estate security, & ability to repay with credit typically being the second factor. With enough real estate equity, we can usually overcome any credit issues, major or minor.

We can help finance private money loans for most property types, including commercial loans, residential loans, construction loans and we specialize in loans for unique properties and situations.

When dealing with private money, you have the ability to present your transaction to an individual. There are no hard and fast requirements or black and white guidelines such as those you get when dealing with a bank. Instead, we can look at the merits of the transaction, and structure a private money loan that meets your needs as the borrower. If the deal makes sense we will consider it.

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